How and why they are escape-proof and diaper access-proof?

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. (You just thought, “it’s a very good place to start,” didn’t you.) Anyway, here goes. What make our pajamas escape-proof and diaper access-proof? Initially there were a few problems to solve. The first one was, how to keep a child clothed when they may not want to be. We accomplished this in a few ways. First and most obvious was to put the zipper in the back of the garment. Now, any female with a dress knows that zipping up a with a back zipper takes a gumby-like circus act, assistance or a few inventive devices. (See wet suits.) The other was to design it so kids can’t just pull their arms in the garment. This is where the patent came into play. EscapeeJays have a design feature, made of the same 100% ring spun cotton, that makes the act of pulling your arms inside the PJ’s a lesson in futility. They get tired, fall asleep then you sleep. (See our comments on our product pages.) This is what makes our jammies truly unique. The wearer can’t get access to their zipper and can’t pull their arms inside their clothes. So, no getting in and no getting out. It’s a way of controlling their sleep environment without affecting the look or fit. Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, baby-sitters, caregivers rejoice. You will find your toddler the way you left them. We can’t guarantee they’ll fall asleep but we do guarantee you won’t wake up to a half-dressed toddler.